Parent Organization: Office of Student Activities & Leadership

This club enables students and staff to work through different channels to help people stay well, find cures, and fight back against cancer. 

Our club has:

- Planned 4 successful Relay For Life events on campus totaling around $170,000 raised that directly goes back to the fight against cancer

- planned various cancer education events including a collaboration with the Student Goverement Association to create a Great Amercian Smokeout event in Nov. 2013. This event helped us to promote UML transitioning to a Tobacco Free Campus as of August, 2014. 

If you are passionate about fighting cancer then join the fight by joining our club! 

How can a student join and get involved in your organization?

Send a message or email at umlcollegesagainstcancer@gmail.com

Who is your Faculty/Staff Advisor? (Must be full time faculty and staff that does not work for the Office of Student Activities and Leadership)

Dr. Arlee Dulak

Address Lowell, MA 01851
United States